West Side of Evansville – A Very Unique Place to Call Home!


Bordered by U.S. 41 to the east and Lloyd Expressway to the south, the West Side of Evansville offers a very unique way of life. Here’s what makes living here so much different from the other apartments around Evansville:

- It has a strong history

Originally, the West Side of Evansville was like its own little cultural area because Pigeon Creek sits between it and the rest of the city. These days, getting across the Creek is no big deal, but back then, it wasn’t particularly common. That means the West Side developed a tight-knit community that had different demographics, different cultural norms, and an overall different way of life from the rest of Evansville.

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This history is still alive and well, especially on West Franklin Street. Here, you’ll see how the “West Siders” of old lived, and you’ll even experience some of the same tight-knit community friendliness – like passersby who greet each other warmly.


- It’s an economic hub

Speaking of West Franklin Street, it was a major destination for industrial and other commercial ventures more than a century ago. Today, that entrepreneurial spirit still exists – despite the fact that many of Evansville’s suburbs have worked very hard to attract business owners away from the city limits.


- There’s always something to do here

The West Side Nut Club – an organization that’s devoted to promoting civil welfare – works hard to make sure that everyone who lives on this side of town gets involved with the community. They host a number of festivals, the biggest being the Fall Festival. These days, hundreds of thousands of people enjoy the Fall Festival, making it one of the biggest in the entire country!

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Aside from the Nut Club, if you decide to rent an apartment on Evansville’s West Side, you’ll live near the 700+ animals who call the Mesker Park Zoo home. Near the zoo sits Mesker Park, where you can enjoy playgrounds and disc golf. And, nearby Helfrich Golf Course is a favorite with the locals. In fact, it’s one of the few courses chosen for Evansville’s annual “The City” golf tournament.

Enjoy Piston's Bar & Grill | Live and enjoy the Westside of EvansvilleHelfrich Park Golf Course is involved in the community and a fun place to play golf!

- The food is as unique as the community spirit

If you love German food, you’ll love living on the West Side of Evansville. Back in the 1800’s, the area became very popular with German settlers, and there is still a distinctly German flavor today.

No matter what kind of food you’re in the mood for, though, most of the restaurants that are popular with the locals can be found on West Franklin Street.

From pizza to fine dining have it all in a few minutes from your new apartment on the westside of Evansville

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