4 Attractions in Henderson That Will Make Your Day

It may be small, but Henderson is home to all kinds of big-time fun. No matter what side of Henderson your apartment sits in, you'll only be a few minutes from attractions that the locals love.

Here are 4 tips that will make your whole day:

1. Enjoy all things named "Audubon"

You've probably seen the name, but did you know that famed artist John James Audubon called Henderson home back in the early 1800's?

The John James Audubon Museum sits in Audubon State Park, and it doesn't just have a near-endless array of his bird drawings and paintings. They've also got sculptures that are modeled after his artwork. There's plenty of fascinating stuff outside the museum, too. Look up at the tower, and you'll see that there are small niches where nesting birds can get comfortable.

While you're outside, check out the nature center, the golf course, the campground, the lake, the tennis courts, and the hiking trails. If camping isn't your thing, there are also little cottages you can book -- perfect for a quiet staycation!


2. Try your luck at the track

Ellis Park Race Course is home to horse, camel, and even ostrich races all summer long, and best of all, it won't cost you much to enjoy! Parking and admission to the old track are free, and there are all kinds of budget-friendly food choices inside, including a buffet. As a result, you'll have plenty of money to spend betting on the races and inside the casino.

And if you're thinking that there's a fancy dress code here -- like in Louisville -- think again. Instead of suits, ties, and giant hats, you'll see the locals dressed very casually.

Rather ride your own horse? Head to Blue Moon Stables and enjoy a quick gallop.


3. Spend a leisurely afternoon sampling local wines

Farmer & The Frenchman Winery has sat on the southwest side of Henderson for five generations, but wine isn't the only thing they specialize in here. They also have an impressive array of gourmet treats that are made with local fruits and vegetables. The winery is also a popular place for events like weddings, small concerts, and intimate dinner parties.


4. Join one of the walking tours

On the first Saturday of the month between April and November, the Community Room hosts guided walking tours. As you stroll along, you'll learn all kinds of fascinating tidbits about Henderson's history.  

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