Owensboro -- Don't Confuse It for a Sleepy Suburb!



On the southern banks of the Ohio River, about 40 miles southeast of Evansville, sits Owensboro. Even though it's the fourth-largest city in Kentucky, Owensboro is part of the Evansville metropolitan area. This isn't some sleepy suburb, though! Owensboro is a thriving city -- and has been since the 1800's.

In fact, this city's rise to prominence began in the 1880's, when the Owensboro Wagon Company grew to be the largest in the country. By the time World War II ended, Owensboro had established itself as a civil engineering hub, and it's been expanding ever since. At last count, more than 58,000 people called this city home.

Here's what you need to know if you're thinking of renting an apartment in Owensboro:

- There are a variety of job opportunities here

Even though many people live here and work in Evansville, you don't necessarily have to make that commute every day. Right here in Owensboro, there are big employers in the healthcare, banking, and retail industries. The local school district and the City of Owensboro are also some of the biggest employers in town, so no matter what you're interested in, you can likely find a job doing it right here.

- There are tons of festivals to enjoy

As soon as you move into your Owensboro apartment, you'll be steps away from a never-ending list of community festivals. Each Fall, the city hosts the Owensboro PumpkinFest. The International BBQ Festival is held every May.  Every Friday in the summer, the downtown riverfront hosts Friday After 5, with bands, food trucks and lots of fun by everyone. There are  countless downtown riverfront concerts held throughout the year. Want to enjoy some musical history? Head downtown to the International Bluegrass Music Museum!

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During the summer, you can watch the Owensboro Riverdawgs -- a collegiate wooden bat team. 

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- There are easy ways to get around town

No matter which side of the city your Owensboro apartment sits on, you won't have any trouble getting around your new hometown. That's because Route 60 has created a beltway around the southern side of town. Route 60 will also come in handy when you need to leave town, because it provides direct access to Louisville, Paducah, and points beyond to the east and west.

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