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The East Side of Evansville is made up of all the neighborhoods that sit to the east of U.S. 41, and it runs all the way to I-69. It’s a big area, and luckily, it’s home to some big-time amenities!

Shop Rental Finder wants you to have what you need to know if you’re thinking of renting an apartment in Evansville’s East Side:

- The University of Evansville is here

More than 3,000 students are working on their degrees at this Methodist private school. If you’re a theater buff, you’ll be happy to hear that the theater department here is considered one of the best in the entire country. So, whether you’re studying, teaching, or you’ve landed some other type of job at the university, East Side is the perfect place to find and rent an affordable apartment.

Study hard and live your life

- It’s easy to get up close with Mother Nature here

East Side is home to Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve, which has nearly 250 acres of forest, fields, and ponds. If you think it’s rare to find something like this in the middle of a bustling city, you’re right! The Preserve is home to the largest tract of virgin forest in any city limits in the entire country. Inside, you’ll find interesting exhibits and even an amphitheater that you can rent out for private events.

Wessleman Woods Nature Preserve for recreation

Also in East Side is the Angel Mounds State Historic Site, which is considered one of the best preserved Native American prehistoric sites in the U.S. Inhabited from 1100 to 1450 A.D., it was actually the home of the local Chief – meaning that this area was considered a major hub long before it was named Evansville!

- Your taste buds will never get bored here

Your East Side apartment will be close to every type of food you can imagine – from chain restaurants, to locally owned diners, to fancier restaurants that are perfect for date night or some other special occasion.

If you love Asian food, you’ll really love living in East Side. There’s a wide variety of Chinese, Thai, and Sushi restaurants that the locals love.

Los Bravos Mexican Restaurant to spice up your lifeCome to the Cork N Cleaver just a short trip from your doorCork N Cleaver where friends go for steak, seafood and conversationBiaggi's Italian Restaurant Great Environment - Great FoodBonefish Grill for a fun and entertaining evening

- You can give your credit card a great workout here

Shop till you drop at Eastland Mall in EvansvilleTarget, TJ Max and many more great shopping destinations

Apartments in Area:

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1 to 3 BDRM apartment in Evansville, IN from $825 to $1420

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1 to 3 BDRM apartment in Evansville, IN from $825 to $1195

Evansville Apartment - Eco Square

2 BDRM apartment in Evansville, IN from $630 to $775

Evansville Apartment - Lakeshore Apartment Homes

1 to 3 BDRM apartment in Evansville, IN from $785 to $1170

Evansville Apartment - Kinway Apartments

1 to 3 BDRM apartment in Evansville, IN from $800 to $1030

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